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reception area of LifeQuest IVF, invitro-fertilization center, TorontoCommitted to Evaluating and Treating Unexplained Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (Miscarriage)

Miscarriage Treatment at Toronto's LifeQuest Clinic

Using innovative and often experimental therapies, the T.E.R.M. programme (Treatment and Evaluation of Recurrent Miscarriage) takes a caring and detailed approach to the investigation and management of recurrent miscarriage. It offers patients unique medical therapy for this complex problem in a supportive environment.

T.E.R.M. is the largest programme in Canada devoted to studying and treating unexplained and recurrent miscarriage. Since Dr. Carl Laskin, T.E.R.M. Director, began to specialize in recurrent pregnancy loss in the 1980s, he has seen more than 5,000 patients.


The T.E.R.M. programme investigates cases of documented, 'unexplained' recurrent pregnancy loss − usually cases involving at least two or more miscarriages.

Patients referred to the T.E.R.M. Programme should have had a previous evaluation by a gynecologist or family physician in order to rule out the more conventional causes of miscarriage.

These preliminary tests include genetic testing, an assessment of hormone responsiveness, and an anatomic evaluation. If these test results are normal, then the recurrent pregnancy loss is considered 'unexplained'.

Patients and their partners accepted into the programme, receive a full evaluation by a team of health care professionals with special expertise in treating recurrent pregnancy loss. Joint management of patient care with the referring physician is a T.E.R.M. priority.


Dr. Carl Laskin and his collaborators and staff are committed to furthering the knowledge of therapy for recurrent pregnancy loss (see below, the PROMISSE Study). The T.E.R.M. programme also participates in clinical trials that evaluate the efficacy of new therapies and investigates the role of new technologies and their application to this patient population.


Dr. Laskin is an expert in Reproductive Immunology and autoimmune diseases in pregnancy, well-known for his research and clinical trials in this area since 1980. He is the Director of Canada’s largest programme devoted to the study and treatment of 'unexplained' recurrent miscarriage, the T.E.R.M programme

For additional information about Dr. Laskin please click here to link to The LifeQuest Team.


For more information and to discuss your eligibility, please contact Karen Spitzer, Study Co-ordinator, by phone, (416) 593-6433 or e-mail, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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