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At LifeQuest, we understand that the stress associated with infertility can sometimes feel overwhelming. Independent studies demonstrate that counselling helps to ease some of this stress. We highly recommend booking a visit with one of the following well-established Toronto-based counsellors, all of whom are specialists in dealing with infertility issues, and have offices located in close proximity to LifeQuest. Each therapist provides specialized support and coping strategies for individuals and for couples.



For information about each of our suggested counsellors, please click on the blue tabs below.

Erica obtained a PhD in Exercise Sciences from the University of Toronto in 2005. While working in the research field, Erica’s own experience with miscarriage and infertility led her to become a counsellor in order to support others dealing with these issues. Erica went on to complete a Masters of Counselling Psychology and a special certificate in infertility counselling.

Along with her interest in infertility and family building for same-sex couples, Erica is passionate about healthy living. She has worked as a fitness instructor and personal trainer for 20 years, and enjoys helping clients to make positive changes to their lifestyles and health. Erica offers ‘walk’ therapy, along with traditional talk-therapy, for clients who want to combine the benefits of counselling with the physical and psychological benefits of exercise.

Sherry is a psychotherapist specializing in infertility, miscarriage, couples counselling, sex therapy, trauma, and phobias (including needle phobias!) – she also does general counselling. Since 1997, she has maintained a private counselling practice, and now devotes her full-time attention to it at offices in downtown Toronto and Burlington. For many years, she was the staff counsellor at LifeQuest, and her own two (now-grown) sons were conceived through fertility treatments at LifeQuest. Sherry designed and presented Canada’s first training program for infertility counsellors. She has presented at numerous conferences and workshops on fertility issues, and for several years, wrote the counselling column for Creating Families, the journal of the Infertility Awareness Association of Canada.

Dara has been practicing social work in Toronto, Canada for more than 12 years, with a focus on assisted fertility/infertility counselling. She is committed to service that is inclusive and non-judgmental and works closely with doctors and other professionals to support individuals and families as they navigate the assisted reproduction (AR) system. In her daily practice, Dara compassionately supports patients dealing with infertility and/or exploring third party options (egg/sperm donation, gestational surrogacy, embryo donation), and provides thoughtful guidance in decision-making. She specializes in third party assessments as well as counselling for Intended Parents/Recipient Families. Her expertise also includes couples counselling as well as grief counselling when miscarriage or perinatal loss occurs. Dara also supports people accessing AR options for reasons other than infertility (i.e. sexual orientation/gender identity, relationship status, medical conditions).

Lisa began her career in infertility counselling in 1985 during a pre-doctoral clinical psychology internship in one of Canada’s first IVF programs at The London Health Sciences Centre. She then went on to serve as Staff Psychologist to the IVF program, and has been in private practice since 1990. Dr. Shatford has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Western Ontario. She is a member of the Canadian Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology, the Canadian Psychological Association, the Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society, and their Canadian Counseling Special Interest Group.

Services provided by Dr. Shatford include counselling around the stress of infertility diagnosis, decision making about treatment options, coping with loss and disappointment, couples counselling re: the impact of infertility on the relationship, considering third party reproduction options, stopping treatment and moving on, discussing donor conception with the children. She provides the required consultations for donor treatment, psychological assessments for gestational carrier arrangements, and psychological testing where required.

Reina understands many of the concerns that people face as they experience infertility, having gone through fertility issues herself. It’s her personal goal to help people stay emotionally healthy as they try to have a baby when it’s not working “the old fashioned way.”

As well as being a counsellor, Reina has also taught online courses through TAPE studies for professionals in affiliation with St. Michael’s College in the University of Toronto. Reina has conducted original research about the psychological impacts of infertility on couples, and she has developed an innovative counselling tool to help couples cope with stresses in their relationships.

Reina is Co-Chairperson of LifeQuest’s Ethics Committee. She is also a member of the Ontario College is Social Workers (OCSW), Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society (CFAS), the International Infertility Counselling Organization (IICO) and EMDR Canada. Reina has a private practice with offices conveniently located in downtown Toronto, Thornhill and Scarborough. You can view her website at www.reinazatylny.ca

For more information about services, availability and rates, please contact the counsellors directly

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