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At Toronto's LifeQuest IVF lab, we perform the most day 5 embryo transfers in Canada. Day 5 embryo transfers are also known as Blastocyst Tranfers.  As a result of this advanced fertility treatment which uses more mature embryos, we have had more success in helping women achieve pregnancy.

Benefits of Blastocyst Transfer at LifeQuest

In the past, most IVF physicians would transfer three to four good-quality ‘day 2 or 3’ embryos. However, at LifeQuest, using more advanced technology, we can transfer most embryos on day 5 when they are blastocysts. Waiting those extra few days to transfer a day 5 embryo (blastocyst) can make a big difference to whether or not a woman achieves a pregnancy. Using a blastocyst to transfer during the IVF process allows the cells time to mature more than day 3 embryos and closely mimics the time of natural human implantation. A day 3 embryo has 8 cells; a day 5 embryo (blastocyst), has 70 – 100 cells.

Using the Blastocyst Technique, Pregnancy Rates at LifeQuest are Higher

Using the blastocyst technique provides an advantage: we can use fewer embryos to achieve a pregnancy, thereby reducing the chances of, and risks associated with, multiple pregnancies (twins or triplets). For example, the transfer of two blastocysts in lieu of three day 3 embryos has increased the pregnancy rate but reduced the chance of triplets to almost zero.

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