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Benefits of Egg Freezing for Fertility Preservation

  • woman's face being touchedPreserves fertility beyond the natural span, giving a woman more choice, more freedom, and more control over her reproductive life.
  • Increases the chance to have a genetically related child if pregnancy is delayed by choice or circumstance.
  • Avoids any moral or religious objections that might accompany the freezing of embryos.

    Risks of Elective Fertility Preservation

    • Although rare, hormonal stimulation before harvesting eggs carries a risk of a serious condition, ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, which can require hospitalization.
    • Pregnancies in women over 35-years-of-age are considered high risk, and have a higher incidence of serious, adverse outcomes for both the mother and the child
    • There are no guarantees that a pregnancy will be achieved.




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      How do I get started?


      Once you have decided to move forward, an appointment will be booked with a LifeQuest physician who will do a fertility work-up to determine if you are a candidate to go through the HERS program. At the follow up appointment when you get the results of all your tests, you will then book an appointment to meet with our one of our suggested counsellors.



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