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Benefits of Egg Freezing for Fertility Preservation

  • woman's face being touchedPreserves fertility beyond the natural span, giving a woman more choice, more freedom, and more control over her reproductive life.
  • Increases the chance to have a genetically related child if pregnancy is delayed by choice or circumstance.
  • Avoids any moral or religious objections that might accompany the freezing of embryos.

    Risks of Elective Fertility Preservation

    • Although rare, hormonal stimulation before harvesting eggs carries a risk of a serious condition, ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, which can require hospitalization.
    • Pregnancies in women over 35-years-of-age are considered high risk, and have a higher incidence of serious, adverse outcomes for both the mother and the child
    • There are no guarantees that a pregnancy will be achieved.




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      What is the cost?


      The cost of egg freezing at LifeQuest is approximately $10,800.


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