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Welcome to HERS: Human Eggs For Reproductive Safekeeping. HERS is LifeQuest’s Egg Freezing Program. Egg freezing, or oocyte cryopreservation, is a recent medical advancement that provides younger women with an opportunity to preserve their fertility. For the first time in history, this assisted reproductive technology may be able to slow the ticking of the biological clock by giving women an opportunity to start a biological family when the time is right.

Is Elective Fertility Preservation Right for You

You may benefit from elective egg freezing if you are between the ages of 19 and 37* years old, and you know you want to have a family but the time is just not right. You may be building your career; or you may be single and waiting until you meet the right partner. There may be medical reasons as well, such as preserving fertility before chemotherapy for the treatment of cancer. Egg freezing offers the opportunity for a woman to preserve her eggs at the peak of her fertility so she can have genetically-related children at a later, more appropriate time in her life.

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We invite you to explore our egg freezing website for information, answers, and an overview of how LifeQuest can help you achieve your goals of choice, freedom and family.






* Originally limited to age 36, LifeQuest has extended the age limit for egg freezing to age 37, defined at the day before a woman's 38th birthday.



LifeQuest's Egg Freezing program was featured on the front page of The Toronto Star and on CBC Radio's The Current


The Star Article


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CBC's The Current interviewed Jocelyn Smith and Carolyn Lawrence about egg freezing for their morning program. The first part of this segment focused on Carolyn's decision to freeze her eggs and then shifted to a discussion about being an older mom.


Listen to the full interview


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How do I get started?


Once you have decided to move forward, an appointment will be booked with a LifeQuest physician who will do a fertility work-up to determine if you are a candidate to go through the HERS program. At the follow up appointment when you get the results of all your tests, you will then book an appointment to meet with our one of our suggested counsellors.



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