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For the convenience of patients who live outside the greater Toronto area (GTA), LifeQuest expertise and technology is now available to you right in your own community.

LifeQuest has affiliations with a number of excellent infertility clinics located in other Ontario cities so that you can receive your day-to-day IVF treatment closer to home. You would become a patient of one of the clinics listed below, where you would receive your daily blood tests and ultrasounds. Your clinic would be in day-to-day contact with a LifeQuest IVF physician who will manage your IVF treatment cycle, including your fertility medication and the timing of your ovum retrieval and embryo transfer.

At the correct time in your cycle, you will come to Toronto, where your LifeQuest IVF physician will perform your ovum retrieval and embryo transfer at the LifeQuest Centre, at our state-of-the-art embryology laboratory.

For more information about the clinic that is nearest to you, please contact the clinic directly by calling the phone number listed below, or simply click on the link to reach their website:

  • Barrie Fertility Centre

  • 705-728-7784

  • Durham Fertility Centre

  • ph. 905 721-3582
    fax 905 721 3558

  • Lakeridge Fertility (Whitby)

  • ph. 905-493-9222

  • Niagara Fertility at Stoney Creek (Stoney Creek)

  • ph. 905-662-3139

  • North Shore Fertility Centre (Thunder Bay)

  • 807-346-1000 ext.3209

  • Orillia Fertility Associates

  • 1-800-294-0642

Affiliated PGD Labs

TORONTO: 416-506-0804   THORNHILL: 905-731-5928   TOLL FREE: 1-866-543-3046  E-MAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.